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A Debt Claim case is a lawsuit brought to recover a debt by an assignee of a claim, a debt collector or collection agency, a financial institution, or a person or entity primarily engaged in the business of lending money at interest. The claim can be for no more than $20,000, excluding statutory interest and court costs, but including attorney fees, if any.

Questions and Answers

Checks made payable to: Delta County Justice of the Peace

Filing fee $54.00 - Delta County Service of Citation $80.00 per/citation to be served. 

If a service of citation needs to be served in another county or looking for other services visit the link below for all Sheriff and Constable Fees.

Sheriff and Constable Fees


                                            FORMS INCLUDED:

                                            Civil Case Information Sheet

                                            Petition Debt Claim 

                                            Service Member's Civil Relief Act Form

                                            Sworn Statement - Inability to Pay

                                            Defendant's Answer

Debt Claim: About
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